Wednesday, September 17

Burgundy 2014 (Le Retour) - Bourges

Another new place for us this trip, was to Bourges, out of the Nièvre into the Cher...'s twined with Peterborough, who have the best of it methinks.

I loved this sundial...

...I wasn't quite sure how to read it.

The cathedral is very impressive...'s the earliest example of High Gothic in the 13th C.

The main phase of construction was contemporaneous with Chartes.

I loved all the intricate details...

...especially this wooden door.

There was vaulting...

nice doorways...

...and lovely, lovely stained glass.

This hell mouth was rather fun...

...and I loved these jaunty devils.

The astronomical clock was restored with funds provided by EDF...

 ...when André was on the donations committee.

This is the door to the Sacristy.

Sadly, the Boy wasn't feeling very well, so we didn't have much more time in the city. However, we did see this lovely post office.

That's more like it, isn't it Virginia?

Monday, September 15

Burgundy 2014 (Le Retour) - La Guerche-sur-l'Aubois

On our way to Bourges, we stopped at La Guerche for a break.

It was a good place to stop as there's a beautiful Romanesque, Cluniac priory church dedicated to St Etienne.

Sadly, it was closed, but we took a circuit of the church, taking in the beautiful stonework...

...this intriguing ladder...

....and cute animals.

Sunday, September 14

Burgundy 2014 (Le Retour) - Autun

One place I never tire of visiting is Autun.

Apart from the cathedral (and what a cathedral), there are plenty of other interesting buildings. In this case the art school.

The fortified houses, with the round towers that are typical of this part of the world, are a reminder that this was a disputed area for a long time.

This building was a tavern of ill repute. It was well known for being a gambling den...

....and the owners build a tennis court next door, much as a pub landlord would have a pool table, or a darts board today.

if it wasn't for the electric street light, one would expect to see a chap in doublet and house come swaggering round the corner

The motivation for our trip to Autun was to visit the Musée Rolin, to see an exhibition about Goya and Delacroix. A fantastic small exhibition.

From the museum courtyard, you get a great view of the back of the old prison building. It's circular, like Bentham's panopticon. It's a shame that it's not in a better state of repair.

The courtyard also gives the opportunity for a rest and a cig.

Monday, September 8

Burgundy 2014 (Le Retour) - Panneçot

Given that we've been visiting our relatives in Moulins-Engilbert for over a decade, we're often asked if there's anything new to see. There is, including a little tea room... to the local canal...

...which our hosts had only discovered this year.

The Boy and I like it so much that we went a number of times.

It wasn't just popular with us!

There were big plastic boats...

...small plastic boats...

 ...and beautiful wooden boats.

I'd love this little summer house overlooking the canal basin. 

Friday, September 5

Henry Moore and Auguste Rodin at Compton Verney

I don't know why it's taken me so long to blog these photos. I took them in July on my first of two visits to an exhibition of Moore and Rodin sculptures and drawings at Compton Verney in Warwickshire.

[Rodin's Cybele in the foreground, 'The Arch' by Moore' across the lake]

I hadn't been aware what an important influence Rodin had been on Moore, and the similarity in their treatment of the human body, was all the more pronounced having seen the contrast between Moore and Bacon in an exhibition at the Ashmolean earlier this year.

[Moore 'Seated Woman']

The exhibition was very well curated. Placing Moore's 'Reclining Figure: Bunched'... to Rodin's 'Fallen Caryatid with Stone' emphasised their common sinuousness.

 Moore's 'Upright Motive No 9' looked quite vulnerable next to...

Rodin's confident 'Walking Man, on a Column'.

 Moore owned a casting of this bronze, and took lots of magnificent photos of it...

...which were on show, along with sketches, models and some exquisite small pieces inside.

Rodin's 'Eve' hid in dabble shadow, whilst...

...this magnificent 'Three Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae' by Moore...

...shone in the sun close to Rodin's 'Monument to the Burgers of Calais'.

My favourite? Moore's 'Seated Woman', who reminds me my beloved Moore's 'Draped Seated Woman' at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (Old Flo).