Monday, July 20

Cornwall July 2015 - Bude

We ended up in Bude by accident, and what a happy accident it was.

It has everything you might want from a seaside town. As well as a beach, it had cliff top walks...

...a saltwater pool...

...a golf course...

...beach huts...

...a bit of seaside Art Deco...

...a thwarted Victorian inventor...

...a canal...

...and some fantastic geology.

Cornwall July 2015 - Trebah Garden

Trebah really is... absolutely lovely place.

This was my third visit.

There is a huge variety...

...of beautiful...

...plants and flowers, but there's also...

...a beach.

The perfect place for an ice-cream.

On a side note, I fell in love with this garden seat.

Tuesday, July 14

Cornwall July 2015 - Post Isaac

Port Isaac...

...really is...

...a very pretty place.

It's little wonder...

...that it's often used as a film location.

However, it's still a working harbour...

...watched over by an old ship's figure head.

While we were there the lifeboat was called out. Nowadays they're taken down to the sea by tractor rather than by horse.

I'm glad to say that we saw them come back safely.

Monday, July 13

Cornwall July 2015 - Longcross Garden

The Longcross Victorian garden... rather unusual.

It's the only public garden in North Cornwall... still has the original Victorian garden layout...

...and the gardens were planned and planted to overcome the difficulties of the local climate.

The garden is lashed by the wind, and salt spray...

...yet remains calm and beautiful.

Sunday, July 12

Cornwall July 2015 - (The Point at) Polzeath

The Boy and I have been in Cornwall for the last few days. We were staying at The Point, a golf club, restaurant, and holiday rentals near Polzeath. 

Now, I don't know much about what makes a good golf course, but I do know a bonny spot when I see one.

I liked the look of the green keeper's little vehicle. Just the thing for tootling around Eynsham.

Golf courses provide a great habit for birds, animals and plants, including these beautiful roses.

It's only ten minutes walk from Polzeath beach...

...which is rather lovely.

Thursday, June 18

Eynsham Folk Festival

One of the many things I like about living in Eynsham, is that people get off their backsides and organise things.

Last weekend was the 2nd Eynsham Folk Festival, organised by, amongst other people, our friend Larry Poole (Larry is such a happy chap, that 'Happy as Larry' really means something round here).

On Sunday, five morris sides, and some clog dancers descended on the village.

These chaps are Bampton Traditional Morris, one of the three Bampton morris sides: Bampton Morris, Traditional Bampton Moris and Bampton Traditional Morris.

Bampton is quite a small place, and morris dancing is taken seriously there, leading to family feuds about steps (allegedly).

These ladies are from Mason's Apron (so named because they used to pactice at the Mason's Arms in Headington Quarry). Clog dancing started in the mill towns in the 19th C, and is apparently the parent of tap dancing. It seems strange to find it in the Cotswolds until you realise that most morris sides exclude women (don't want the crops to fail do we?).

Beer is common denominator though.

This is the fantastic Armaleggan, an unashamedly non-traditional Border morris side from Cumnor (look wimmen!)

"See little girl, you too can dance with the morris...and have a big stick, not a silly hanky".

I was rather taken with these customised boots.

Eynsham Morris order their beer by watering can, not pint.